Auto Mining System


Mining Operations

At AABT we have been actively investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currency mining operations.

Daily 1,800 BTC

Simply explained, mining is a process of verifying crypto currency transaction that happen all around the world by using super computers and in return, receive Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as a reward.
There are currently 1,800 BTC (1.2 million dollars) that are paid out to miners on a daily basis and is a unique system commonly compared to physical gold mining.

Simple and Easy

At AABT we've made it simple and easy for anybody to take part in this mining business which was previously though to be too complex for the average person to participate.
We have been actively investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currency mining gear since the beginning of 2016.

Location in Iceland

In order to achieve the highest return on our purchase, we've chosen the ideal location in Iceland to run the Bitcoin mining machines 365 days 24/7. The key is to have access to the most cost effective electricity using the most efficient mining rigs.The beauty of participating in the crypto currency mining business is that, you can receive daily payouts. Any one who decided to join receives a certain amount of hash rate depending on how much they've paid.

Etereum Litecoin etc...

By design the Bitcoin mining business will last to approximately the year of 2100.As we grow the number of participants in our Bitcoin mining business it will increase the influence we have over the mining pool networks which leads to greater profitability. We think it is not impossible to even reach 10% of the entire pie of the Bitcoin mining pool.
In 2017 we have plans for an even more exciting system. That is to allow our users to decide the crypto currencies they want to mine such as, Etereum, Litecoin etc.. Crypto currencies that are still young have a good chance of appreciation in value over time. This is the beauty of the minig diversification.

Automatic Asset Building

There are only a few compnies in the world that can allow you to diversify your mining. At AABT we have made it available for you to take part in this system with our B+ AABS program. This is what we call the AMS(Auto Mining System). We look forward to your decision to join us.

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