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Make your asset with Bitcoin

Our AABT account combines with hardware wallet to demonstrate strong security and it makes it possible to store your assets more safely. We constantly pursue a new security system and will provide more advanced security to everyone.

 Why do I need AABT  ACCOUNT?

The hardware wallet provided by AABT will be customized and evolved for special customers of AABT in the future. Speed ​​is very important in the cryptographic currency industry which continues to evolve at an abnormal speed. We constantly improve our products and pursue security.

The account of AABT is a paid encryption currency wallet which can earn income, it is unique and unique service of only one. By selling AABT's security package (AABT account + hardware wallet), we can form many assets and store it safely. Why do not you earn income while protecting your assets? Please check our remuneration program and consider it.

Marketing Plan


AABT Account and Hardware wallet X1 1AP package 1BTC
AABT Account and Hardware wallet X3 3AP package 3BTC

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