Marketing Plan

Binary Genealogy

Plan A

To begin, we have decided to integrate an easy and simple binary system. Being simple and easy to earn commissions, in no time you should be able to achieve your financial goals. All you need to do is focus on building 2 teams.That’s it!
The calculation method is simple. We simply calculate the number of your members in your team. When you have 3 positions on your right and 3 positions on your left, you earn a commission of 1/6 BTC All you need to do is to refer 2 friends and you will be eligible to earn commissions.

One thing that has been said about binary plans is that you tend to have a strong team on either side. But when you understand the PlanC we have for you, you will understand how to overcome these typical obstacles.

Plan B

Very simple. We count the triangle that is formed with 3 positions. The number of triangles are counted on each level.

Just count the numbers of triangles on both sides and watch your commissions come in. The triangle will be counted infinitely deep in your team structure.

Simple is best! The commission earned with plan B is 1/6 BTC as well.

Plan B+

The calculation method is the same as Plan B. Which means when you receive your Plan B commission, you also earn 1/6 BTC with Plan B+. However, when you receive your 1/6 BTC worth of commissions here, you will be required to aloocate those funds to the Automatic Mining System. This allows you to automatically allocate your commissions to an asset that will appreciate over time. This has never been done in the history of our industry.

Plan C

This is another essential part of our marketing plan for your to obtain large commissions.
In the organization tree you have with Plan A, and wherever there is a space, we fill that up.
Here is the kicker, 1% of your entire Plan A and Plan B will paid out as your commission.


1.There are members your up-line and down-line have referred and seems confusion but in PlanC that does not matter. All of the commissions are calculated and paid out to you.

2. If you have 1 strong team in Plan A as a very common drawback in a binary system, that’s ok. In Plan C, we fill all the positions equally which make it possible for you to earn commission easily.

3.Plan C is none other than the most simple and powerful marketing plan!

◆ If you have been registered 3AP
From the 001 top positions, you can get 30 level commision unconditionally.
From 002 and 003 positions, you can get until 10 level commision even if you have no direct Agent.If you want to get until 30 levels of revenue in the 002 and 003 position,
You required one direct agent for each position.

How To Receive Commissions?

Commissions are calculated daily and you can check your balance in your back office.