Let's Begin with Crypto Currencies!

Introducing our new project by A.A.B.T "The Next Generation Crypto Currency Security Package"
By the year 2016 the basis of crypto currencies have been established around the world and the way we thought about money changed forever. Though for the average person, crypto currencies are still not a familiar thing.

We have decided to utilize the well established Bitcoin as the main component of our business. Our mission is to get Bitcoin in the hands of the people globally and to create an economy where the old money is no longer needed. In fact, governments around the world are already fearing the disruptive potential of crypto currencies. The world is shifting to a new monetary system.

We've come up with a system where you can start using Bitcoin the day you join our business. This is the "The Next Generation Crypto Currency Security Package." With A.A.B.T, we've successfully integrated a system where Bitcoin is fully utilized from the beggining to the end. As a result the business model has become truly borderless.


Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is a physical Bitcoin wallet that is built with the sole purpose of securing bitcoins. Hardware wallets keep private keys away from internet-connected devices and allow users to sign transactions in an offline environment.Multisig spending increase the difficulty of stealing your bitcoins, as several keys are required for each payment. It can also be used for wallets shared by multiple people where a quota is required to spend the coins. You can use your Hardware Wallet on any computer.Read more...


Auto Mining System

At AABT we have been actively investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currency mining operations.Simply explained, mining is a process of verifying crypto currency transaction that happen all around the world by using super computers and in return, receive Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as a reward. There are currently 1,800 BTC (1.2 million dollars) that are paid out to miners on a daily basis and is a unique system commonly compared to physical gold mining. At AABT we've made it simple and easy. Read more...



Our AABT account combines with hardware wallet to demonstrate strong security and it makes it possible to store your assets more safely. We constantly pursue a new security system and will provide more advanced security to everyone. Read more...


AABT Account and Hardware wallet X1 1AP package - 1BTC
AABT Account and Hardware wallet X3 3AP package - 3BTC